Slide to Answer – Test your speed and reflexes

Posted on 28.9.2012 in Games, News

Get ready to get addicted to our new game Slide to Answer! This iPhone game puts your reflexes and sliding skills to the test and gives you hours and hours of fun! Your task is to answer true/false questions by moving the slider to the correct answer and you have to do that as fast as you can! At first you may think that the questions are easy and funny, but when they start to move at the speed of light you’ll see that giving the correct answer isn’t as easy as it seemed! Add the superpowers that will help you by freezing the questions currently on the screen, slowing them down a bit, or answering them all, SWITCH which will try to confuse you by changing the places of TRUE and FALSE, and other distracters that will try to trick you into giving wrong answers, and you get yourself an extremely addictive game! Have fun and enjoy our new game!

Slide to Answer Trivia Game