Geography Quiz Game Multi – Play Against Your Friends And Win Them All!

Posted on 18.12.2012 in Apps, Games, News

Best Geo Quiz Now Has a MultiPlayer Mode! You can challenge your friends and see who knows geography best! Organize tournament nights and have fun learning new geography facts! All you need is your iPad and a couple of friends! Choose the correct answer from A, B, C or D and be the winner of the tournament! But there’s a catch! Only the player that manage to answer the question first gets the points, while the other player loses points! If you’re looking for a fun pastime while you’re bored home alone or during a break, choose to challenge other players online! First you have to finish one round and then wait for your opponent to finish his. Each round has five questions and the game is finished after four rounds. Also there’s still the single player mode, so you can practice and improve your geography knowledge!