Amy in Love – Help True Love Win! Universal Side Scrolling Adventure Now Available!

Posted on 22.8.2012 in Games, News

New game for both Android and iOS, Amy in Love, is perfect for all the girls who dream of their perfect date! We all hope that our Prince Charming is somewhere out there waiting for us! Well, Amy’s Prince Charming is Ricky and he’s waiting for her at the other end of the park! You need to help Amy get there on time and give their love story a fairy tale ending! On your way you have to collect as many hearts as possible and help Amy give Ricky the biggest smooch! Besides this inspiring love story, this game also has incredible graphics, cute characters and lovely background designs and it’s so easy to play it because of the simple and highly responsive controls! But not everything is so pink! There are six types of Haters that will try to stop Amy from getting on time for her date! If you hit some of the Haters they will take away Amy’s precious hearts, but if you jump on their head you’ll get some of the power-ups! If you want to try out Amy in Love, you can play six levels for free on our website “here” and on Facebook “here“!

Amy in Love