Air Draco – Endless Adventure for iPhone and iPod Touch

Webelinx has created Air Draco, side-scrolling adventure game in which you have the task to help little, brave dragon escape the doomed witch’s liar. You have to fly through three different chambers of magic cave, avoid Kakia’s bewitched brooms and goblin’s fire attacks and help little Draco return to his mother.

-12 sets of magic obstacles
-70 challenging quests
-Interactive environment
-Spin Magos’ wheel of fortune and win various rewards
-Draco’s completely customizable look (different outfits)
-Fire ride upgrades (magnet and time upgrades)
-Boost your game time with rat’s kick, burning start and dragon’s heart
-Amazing music and graphics take you into the world of Air Draco
-GameCenter integrated


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Air draco Screenshoots

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