• Rootz Wiki

    This Time, It’s In Space

    “The graphics are pretty well done though they do tend to the cartoonish side with big bold colors and shapes. The ship designs are interesting and many aren’t something that you’ve likely seen before.”

  • appPicker

    Test your reflexes in this challenging and fast-paced frenzy

    “This is a uniquely simple yet incredibly challenging game that will put your concentration and reaction times to the test as you answer true or false questions by sliding left or right with your finger.”

  • intomobile.com

    Nail Design for iPad helps girls make their nails rock

    “Nail Design is a new iPad app, which as you can imagine is made to make nail designing a snap. Using the big screen and multi-touch gestures, you (and/or your girlfriend/daughter) will be able to make your/her nails rock.”