• Makeup Tutorials & Mirror

    Makeup Tutorials & Mirror is an iPad app developed by Webelinx and it’s perfect for girls and women who are always in a rush. With this app every girl and woman can learn how to apply makeup for every occasion and always look flawless by following step-by-step photo tutorials…

    Posted on 21.6.2012 in All, Applications, Games
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  • Animal Quiz Game – Our Latest Success

    Animal Quiz Game is our latest success, and we are proud to announce that it has reached No. 2 on the Top Free Apps in Chile! What you have to do is guess the animal according to the shape given! You’ll see the silhouettes…

    Posted on 19.6.2012 in Apps, News
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  • Makeup Tutorials & Mirror – iPad App for Fabulous Girls Who Want to Look Stunning all the Time

    New iPad app, Makeup Tutorials & Mirror, perfect for girls who enjoy creating fabulous makeup looks, has been published today! With this app girls can learn how to create lots of different makeup looks, perfect for a party, wedding, prom, work, school and…

    Posted on 18.6.2012 in Apps, News
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  • Animal Quiz Game

    Animal Quiz Game is a universal app developed by Webelinx with the purpose to provide you hours of fun and to help you test your knowledge of animals. Your task is to guess the animal based on the silhouette given. You will see the shapes of all kinds of…

    Posted on 17.6.2012 in All, Games, Games
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  • Air Draco

    Webelinx has created Air Draco, side-scrolling adventure game in which you have the task to help little, brave dragon escape the doomed witch’s liar. You have to fly through three different chambers of magic cave, avoid Kakia’s bewitched brooms and goblin’s fire attacks and help little Draco return to…

    Posted on 12.6.2012 in All, Games, Games
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  • Air Draco – Side-scrolling Adventure Game for iPhone and iPod Touch Released Today!

    New game for iPhone and iPod Touch, Air Draco, now available on iTunes! Help our little, brave Draco escape the doomed witch’s lair and get back to his mother! Fly through three different chambers of enchanted cave (Jewels Lake, Mystic Mine and Elf’s Lair) and…

    Posted on 12.6.2012 in Games, News
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  • Geography Quiz Game

    Webelinx has launched a new quiz with which you can see how well you know the facts about countries of the world, e.g. national flags, borders, landmarks, capital cities and official languages. By watching photo of country’s flag, shape and landmark, you have to guess the name of the…

    Posted on 2.6.2012 in All, Games, Games, The best of
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